What to Expect From a Wedding DJ?

After many years of experience working in the entertainment industry in the South East & Kent; we have seen a lot of cowboys out there.  We've also been on the end of saving the day a few times, because suppliers decided that they didn't want to turn up. 

Here's our TOP Questions to ask a DJ before booking: 
1. Do you offer a written contract? 
>> All of the wedding DJs you speak to may not have the same standard of professionalism.  
Here at Exclusive Sounds, we provide a written, legal contract which is one of the first indicators of whether a DJ is professional and reliable.  Futhermore, this contract establishes the DJ's obligation to the client and outlines what is required for the DJ's success.

2.Can we meet with you in person, before we sign anything?
>> Often the person you speak to is not the person who will be the DJ at your wedding, its common for cowboy DJ's to make arrangements via social media.  

At Exclusive Sounds, we prefer a face to face meeting, who you meet will always be the DJ at your wedding. 

We like to meet at your venue, talk to the venue staff and discuss the requirements in person with our clients. 

3. Do you perform at more than one event on a day?
>> Most DJ's don't offer you exclusivity on a date.  Most agencies will also book you a DJ that has already been at an event that day, and typically can work 4+ events in any one weekend. 

Exclusive Sounds offer exclusivity on your date.  Once you've booked with us, that date is all yours. 

Cass WrightExclusive Sounds